Key services guaranteed

A week after closure of the first RDW testing station, space has become available to consider expansion of our services. In doing so, we focused on the most affected companies in the sector.

Test phase

In consultation with the sector, a procedure has been developed in which, for a temporary period, physical identification of vehicles is not necessary. If experiences with the tests are positive, this temporary service will also be extended to other accredited companies.


The new procedure is intended for RDW-accredited companies. The required documents should be supplied digitally and to a central point before being assessed by RDW testing station employees. At the end, the applicant will receive an e-mail notification that the RDW process is complete. A physical test will follow in specific cases. RDW may also conduct random tests later.

What next?

We are using this week to test this service. If the results are positive, this temporary service will also be possible for other accredited companies. We are expecting to have more news about this at the end of this week.