Transferring a registration certificate with a foreign national ID card

From 2 April it is again possible to transfer ownership of a vehicle using a foreign national ID card at various RDW locations. To prevent multiple journeys, it has been decided that the transfer of a registration certificate can also take place using a foreign national ID card at the 9 RDW testing stations that are still open. 

RDW testing stations

For this you can visit:

  • Amsterdam,
  • Schiedam,
  • Zwijndrecht,
  • Rijen,
  • Groningen,
  • Zwolle,
  • Arnhem,
  • Veldhoven and
  • Elsloo.

You can also visit the offices in Veendam and Zoetermeer.

Vehicle registration desk

 If you have a Dutch ID card and would like to transfer a registration certificate, please visit a Vehicle registration desk in your neighbourhood. 

Guidelines at locations

RDW complies with the RIVM guidelines at all locations. Please take these into account when you visit, and follow the instructions issued by our employees. You can only pay by PIN. 

Service expansion

On 16 March, RDW had to take various measures in connection with the coronavirus. One of these measures was to only carry out key services at 9 RDW testing stations. The key services are now guaranteed again for the time being. This has resulted in there being space available to expand the service again.