Vehicle safety study concerning screens in vehicles

The RDW is studying the safety of screens inside vehicles at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. These are screens made of hard or soft plastic that can be placed inside vehicles. Entrepreneurs are asking questions about equipping vehicles with screens for the purpose of separating drivers and passengers in connection with the coronavirus. 

RIVM guidelines

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has published new guidelines for contact professions. The use of screens in vehicles does not form part of the RIVM guidelines. The RDW is unable to form an opinion concerning the degree of protection against the coronavirus offered by screens. We are able to assess the vehicle safety of the screens, however.


The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has requested the RDW to assess whether the screens are safe and can also be placed safely inside vehicles. The RDW assesses whether the placement of screens inside a vehicle satisfies international regulations. In most cases, it is not allowed to simply make a change to a vehicle. Installation of screens could have an adverse impact on the safety facilities installed in a car. This includes matters such as airbags, the field of vision via the mirrors, the external view and the room for manoeuvre for the driver.