Temporary import procedure extended to light commercial vehicles, motorbikes and three-wheeler motorbikes

RDW has decided to also make the temporary coronavirus import procedure available for light commercial vehicles, motorbikes and three-wheeler motorbikes from 9 April. This was already possible for passenger vehicles. Light commercial vehicles and motorbikes and three-wheeler motorbikes with an EU/EVA registration certificate or new, unused, already approved vehicles with a Certificate of Conformity (CVO) can be registered in the registration certificate register without physical identification.

Temporary procedure

The new temporary procedure is intended only for RDW-accredited companies. The required documents must be supplied digitally and to a central point via a special e-mail address. RDW employees from a testing station will assess the applications. At the end, the applicant will receive an e-mail notification that the RDW process is complete. A physical test will follow in specific cases. RDW will conduct random tests to check vehicle quality.

Application processing time and expectations

Usually, such a new procedure would need to be tested for several weeks or months. This is not possible now, for reasons of urgency. We are currently unable to give clarity about the processing time of applications in the way we usually do under normal circumstances. We are doing everything we can to process your application as quickly as possible.

Conditions for participation

  • Your company has the Company Stock accreditation;
  • The vehicle is in the passenger vehicle category (M1), light commercial vehicle (N1, N2 <= 3,500 kg) or is a motorbike or three-wheeler motorbike (L1e-L7e);
  • The vehicle is not a damaged vehicle as referred to in Article 1.1 of the Dutch Ministerial Decree Regeling voertuigen; 
  • The vehicle complies with data on the foreign registration certificate and/or complies with the Certificate of Conformity;
  • You pay on account; you will receive an invoice at the end of the month;
  • At the end of the process, you should send the foreign registration certificate to the RDW.

Accreditation holder responsibility

The applications will be processed in compliance with the temporary import procedure for registration as formulated by RDW. The applications will be processed administratively, without the vehicle being subject to a physical test. Should the vehicle prove to have a different identity than the one indicated by you in the application and/or if incorrect data are provided, RDW will cancel the vehicle registration in accordance with article 51a of the Road Traffic Act.

The process

1. You start the application procedure by following the steps below.

PLEASE NOTE! Adding attachments: the COLLECTIVE size of the files may not exceed 15 MB. If the files are larger you will receive an error message and the form will not be submitted! If you are making multiple applications one after the other, close the browser after each application (e.g. Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari) and start it up again. The application must be submitted to us within half an hour after opening. After half an hour, you will receive an error message and the application will not be submitted to us.

2. RDW will determine whether your application meets the conditions. We also assess whether your vehicle is eligible for this temporary procedure, and we assess the individual application for registration. After these checks, if additional information or a physical assessment is needed further on in the process, RDW will contact you.

3. If your application for the vehicle is processed successfully by RDW, you will receive an e-mail about this. This e-mail is only a notification, you will receive the BIN from RDW via post. RDW will have forwarded the vehicle details online to the Tax Office. After this, if your vehicle is subject to motor vehicle tax, you can submit a motor vehicle tax declaration to the Tax Office.

4. After receipt of the confirmation of import, you are obliged to send the original foreign registration certificate to us by registered post. To save money, you can send as many foreign registration certificates as possible together in 1 envelope. Please note: RDW needs to receive the foreign registration certificate within two weeks of receipt of the confirmation of registration.

You should send the foreign registration certificate to: 

attn. department VRD, COVID
PO Box 30000
9640 RA Veendam
The Netherlands