Latest News

  • Compulsory facemasks for RDW visits
    In response to the rising number of coronavirus infections, RDW has decided to also make the wearing of a facemask compulsory for visits by RDW employees from 28 October. Wearing a facemask was already compulsory at RDW testing stations. From 28 October, this will also apply to sites visited by RDW employees to carry out work, such as random vehicle checks, testing at home and MOTs.
  • Facemask now obligatory when visiting a RDW inspection and test location
    Following the Dutch government’s press conference on 28 September, the RDW (the Netherlands Vehicle Authority) will oblige its staff members and visiting customers to wear a facemask at all its inspection and test locations.
  • Advice RDW screens inside buses adopted by Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
    The Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) has studied the safety of screens inside buses at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The Ministry has adopted the resulting RDW advice.