International relations and the EU

Although the Netherlands is just a speck on the globe, RDW plays a significant role in the field of international, including European, policy and regulations. It is a unique organisation in Europe: RDW is not only the national vehicle and driving licence registration authority. In addition, it is also a type-approval authority and it manages periodic technical inspections. Therefore RDW performs public tasks in the entire motor vehicle life cycle. RDW also plays an active role in a number of European organisations and networks.
  • International cooperation
  • EReg
  • European Issues

International cooperation

RDW is willing to share information and knowledge. It is open to cooperation in European projects and networks, and exchanges knowledge on a bilateral basis with EU Member States, future Member States, and other countries.


As part of its drive to share knowledge and provide input, RDW is a member of:

RDW also participates in:
Type approval authorities meeting)


In some cases, RDW supports foreign governments in their public tasks. (Candidate) Member States or affiliated States are assisted on a small scale, with the developments in the vehicle chain like the implementation of the relevant European legislation. Furthermore, there is collaboration with countries with which the Netherlands has economic and/or diplomatic ties. Some concrete themes are the periodic technical inspection (Dutch APK), vehicle registration, and fighting international vehicle crime. The RDW activities for these projects are financed by RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency, European funds, or contributions from the countries themselves. Some examples of countries where RDW is active, or has been active, are Albania, Bulgaria, Morocco, Romania, Curacao, Russia, Serbia, and Slovenia.

If you wish to cooperate with RDW, please contact the RDW.  


EReg is the “European Association of Vehicle & Driver Registration Authorities”. It is a European association in the field of vehicles and vehicle drivers, registration and documentation. RDW was one of the founders of the EReg foundation. Currently RDW provides the secretariat of EReg and therefore contributes to the smooth functioning of the association.

The goal of EReg is European cooperation and knowledge exchange, among other things, through exchanging good practices and cooperating in topical issues. Examples of current EReg Topic Groups are International Data Exchange, Re-registration, Certificate Of Conformity (CoC) Data Exchange and Improving registration and licensing services through the use of digital service channels. Extra information about EReg can be found via the website.


EUCARIS is the European Car and driving licence Information System. This system provides opportunities for countries to share their car and driving licence registration information and other transport-related data within multiple judicial frameworks. 

20 years ago, together with four European sister organisations, RDW formed the basis of the EUCARIS foundation. The primary goal was to combat fraud and crime involving importing and exporting vehicles and exchanging driving licences. Nowadays, the system is the general exchange mechanism for transport-related data used between registration and enforcement authorities in Europe. From the start RDW has taken care of the administrative tasks for the affiliated Member States and developed and managed the ICT.

Extra information about EUCARIS can be found via the website. 

European and international Issues

As an executive body of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, RDW is involved in developing European and UN/ECE legislation in its field of expertise, either directly or indirectly. The RDW mission is to contribute to safe, sustainable and secure road traffic and RDW is willing to cooperate with other authorities regarding the development of regulations. Policy areas that RDW deals with on a European scale involve both the vehicle chain and the more cross-sectoral issues related to data exchange. Some examples of files RDW deals with are:

Vehicle life cycle

  • Type approval and vehicle standards
  • Vehicle safety and environment
  • Driving licences
  • Periodic technical inspections
  • Roadside inspections
  • Registration of vehicles
  • Alcohol interlocks
  • Import and export of vehicles

Data exchange

  • International data exchange
  • Open data
  • ICT standards
  • Privacy issues