• Extended validity of driving licences issued by non-EU countries
    Because of the measures taken in response to the coronavirus, it is not always possible to obtain a Dutch driving licence, even though driving licences issued outside the EU may only be used for 185 days. For this reason, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management has ruled that you may continue to drive with your non-EU driving licence beyond the 185-day period. 
  • Reopening RDW testing stations and restart services
    All RDW testing stations reopened on Monday, 18 May, with the exception of the Heerenveen testing station. Its renovation completed, Heerenveen will reopen on 22 May. With the reopening of all testing stations, RDW expands its services, for instance with physical inspections at our testing stations.
  • Vehicle safety study concerning screens in vehicles
    The Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) is studying the safety of screens inside vehicles at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. These are screens made of hard or soft plastic that can be placed inside vehicles. 
  • Reopening 4 testing stations
    On Monday 11 May, we are reopening the following RDW testing stations: Roosendaal, Waddinxveen, Nieuwegein and Almelo By reopening these testing stations, we want to shorten existing waiting times and expand our services.  
  • Remote testing and surveillance during Corona
    During the worldwide travel restrictions, it is not possible for RDW inspectors or Test Engineers to visit manufacturers. The RDW has looked into new options for supervising manufacturers and remote testing for vehicles and vehicle parts.
  • Current services at the RDW testing stations
    From 5 May we will be making further changes in the services of the RDW testing stations.
  • Import of heavy vehicles and damage inspections to restart
    From 28 April the RDW will restart the import inspections for heavy commercial vehicles and heavy trailers. RDW is also restarting inspection of Dutch registered passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles that have, following damage, received a ‘prohibited from driving on the road’ status and have been repaired. 
  • Temporary extension to driving licence validity
    To prevent that driving licence holders experience problems because of this, Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has decided that driving licences that expire after 16 March will remain valid until 1 June 2020.
  • Temporary import procedure extended to light commercial vehicles
    Update 9 April: the temporary coronavirus procedure for individual registrations has been extended to light commercial vehicles and motorbikes and three-wheeler motorbikes.
  • Transferring a registration certificate with a foreign national ID card
    To prevent multiple journeys, it has been decided that the transfer of a registration certificate can also take place using a foreign national ID card at the 9 RDW testing stations that are still open. 
  • Sorning measures with retroactive effect to 6 March
    Update 31 March: during the course of April, RDW will pay the costs for SORNing from the sixth SORNed vehicle to the owner/holder of these vehicles. This will be done with retroactive effect to 6 March, the day on which the first coronavirus measures were announced in the Netherlands. 
  • Start of temporary coronavirus procedure for Individual registrations
    Update 30 March: from today it is possible to register vehicles via a temporary coronavirus procedure. This enables vehicles to be issued with a Dutch registration certificate. 
  • Start of temporary import procedure from 30 March
    Update 27 March: Last week RDW started testing a temporary procedure with various accredited companies to enable vehicle registrations to restart. Vehicles from EU countries that have already been sold in the Netherlands will be the first to be eligible for this procedure.
  • Collector sorning scheme extended in connection with coronavirus crisis
    Due to the coronavirus, the collector scheme is open to all vehicles, irrespective of age. For now, this will apply for a 3-month period, from 26 March to 26 June 2020.
  • Test started for temporary vehicle registration procedure
    RDW today started testing a temporary procedure with various accredited companies to enable vehicle registrations to take place again. Vehicles from abroad that have already been sold in the Netherlands will be the first to be eligible for this procedure. 
  • RDW requests prospective and current accreditation holders to only send documents by e-mail
    We request that our future and current accreditation holders only send documents to RDW by e-mail for the time being. For your and our safety, we are aiming to process as much business as possible digitally instead of by post or at an RDW location.
  • Closure of testing stations due to preventive measures
    We aim to ensure that the above-mentioned key tests and other services continue as far as possible.  For instance, the PTI random tests will continue. PTI random test inspectors also work at the RDW testing stations.
  • Measures relating to vehicle inspections
    Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, RDW has focused on the continuity of key services. Contact with customers in RDW inspection halls and reception desks has been minimised to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. 
  • Update corona message March 16
    The administrative services such as exports and registrations are temporarily suspended. This means that you cannot purchase these services at the inspection stations until further notice. 
  • Closure of testing stations due to preventive measures
    Starting Monday 16 March, RDW will only be offering the most vital inspections at the Amsterdam Testing Station. Staffing levels are too low. This means that services will be limited to key services: only inspections of commercial vehicles and buses will take place.