Applying for a certificate of authenticity

You can apply for a certificate of authenticity as follows:
  1. Download and complete Documentthe certificate of authenticity application form (pdf, 120kb). The application form is in Dutch only.
  2. Send the application form and a copy of a valid identity document (passport, identity card or Dutch driving licence) to RDW, Unit Rijbewijzen (Driving Licences), Postbus (POB) 9000, 9640 HA Veendam.
  3. Pay the fee for the certificate of authenticity.
    Driving Licences Register certificate (certificate of authenticity) € 4,50
    You can do this via direct debit or you can make a bank transfer to account number 47 72 56 600 - IBAN NL25 ABNA 0477 2566 00 in the name of RDW in Veendam stating your driving licence number and your personal data. Direct debit is the fastest payment method. If you transfer the fee from abroad, please state the ABNA NL2A BIC code and the NL25 ABNA 0477 2566 00 International Banking Code.
  4. As soon as the amount and a copy of your identity document have been received, RDW sends you the certificate by post. As the certificate of authenticity involves an original certified document, you can only receive it by post.

The processing time of your application is 10 working days maximum. The moment you receive the certificate at your home address depends on the mail delivery in your region. If you have not received the certificate after 3 weeks, please contact us.

RDW sends the certificate of authenticity to the address registered at the municipality. If you live abroad and have been deregistered from a Dutch municipality, RDW can send the certificate of authenticity to a domestic or a foreign correspondence address.