Damage inspection

In case of inspection of a vehicle that has been damaged, several aspects are important. You cannot turn to any RDW vehicle inspection station, for instance, and the bottom of the vehicle needs to have been removed. If this is not the case, the vehicle cannot be inspected. This is due to the fact that RDW needs to perform vehicle body measurements, which require reference points at the bottom of the car to be accessible. Before making a vehicle inspection appointment, please read all information about inspection of your vehicle after it has been damaged. (This information is only available in Dutch)

Make an appointment online

You can easily make a vehicle inspection appointment online at a vehicle inspection station via this website. Unfortunately, this service is not yet available in English. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  1. Go to deze link opent in een nieuw venster‘Keuringsafspraak maken' (make a vehicle inspection appointment’).
  2. Please have the Dutch vehicle license number or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle ready.
  3. Enter all requested data.
  4. If the appointment has been requested, an e-mail including the appointment information is received.


Vehicle inspection costs need to be paid at the desk of the vehicle inspection station. The costs depend on the type of vehicle inspection.

More information

If you want to know how a vehicle inspection is carried out at RDW, please read the following article about the RDW vehicle inspection process (This information is only available in Dutch)

Cancel an appointment

You can find more information about cancelling your vehicle inspection appointment here. (This information is only available in Dutch)