Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI, Dutch APK) is a compulsory inspection in Europe with the aim of improving road safety and protecting the environment.

PTI legislation

PTI is subject to legislation. The inspection obligation and legislation are included in the 1994 Road Traffic Act. This legislation is adjusted on a yearly basis. If you want to know the rules and requirements for PTI inspection of vehicles, you can download the PDF files below.

PTI inspection in the Netherlands

If your vehicle needs PTI inspection, go to an RDW-approved PTI company. Here you can read what you have to do.

  • Make an appointment at an RDW-approved PTI company. It can be recognized by a sign including the text "RDW certified" as well as a sticker including the text "PTI light vehicles" or "PTI heavy vehicles".
sticker apk licht sticker apk zwaar
  • The PTI inspector of the PTI company inspects the vehicle.
  • The costs of inspection have not been determined and vary from company to company.
  • After inspection, you always receive a PTI inspection report (including in case of disapproval).

PTI is a random indication and does not guarantee the safety of your vehicle during the rest of the year or the fact that you do not need to do any maintenance on the vehicle for a year. Therefore, regular checks and maintenance of your vehicle remain important.

Postponement of PTI inspection obligation

There might be several reasons why you cannot have your vehicle PTI approved in time. Maybe you are abroad and unable to come to the Netherlands before the PTI expiry date. Or maybe your vehicle was not approved at a previous PTI and repairs need to be done before you can have a vehicle inspection again. Even if you are not driving your vehicle, it needs to have a PTI in due time. This is a legal obligation. Please contact the RDW for information about how to prevent being fined.

Inspection report

The PTI inspector includes points of repair, disapproval and advice in the inspection report, which is received after a PTI. Points of advice are defects that currently do not lead to disapproval, but need replacement or repair in the short term. In case of disapproval, the vehicle report includes disapproval points.
If the vehicle has been approved, the inspection report is valid up to the expiry date (not up to and including the expiry date). On the expiry date, you are only allowed to use public roads to have a PTI done.

PTI inspection abroad

Outside of the Netherlands, you can only have a PTI done in Belgium or Spain. In case of approval, the vehicle is deregistered online at RDW and you receive a Dutch PTI report. In case of disapproval, the vehicle is registered as disapproved in the license number register. In that case, the vehicle needs to be repaired. After that, the vehicle needs to have a PTI.

Adresses where a PTI can be done in Spain. (Some information on this page is in Dutch)
Adresses where a PTI can be done in Belgium. (Some information on this page is in Dutch)