Medically fit to drive a vehicle

In order to be allowed to drive a vehicle that requires a driving licence, you need to be medically fit. In order to prove the latter, you need a Certificate of Fitness (Dutch VvG) or a medical certificate. This certificate indicates you are physically and/or mentally sufficiently healthy to drive a vehicle. This article tells you when you need a Certificate of Fitness and how to get it.

When do I need a Certificate of Fitness?

A Certificate of Fitness is required:

  • when a new driving licence category is added, except for the AM category
  • when a driving licence is exchanged and the country of origin of the licence is outside of the European Union (EU) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) 
  • in the case of exchanging a driving licence from an EU or EFTA country, you need a Certificate of Fitness if the validity period of your driving licence is shorter than the common validity period in the issuing country, and if your driving licence has limitations that have not been expressed in codes that have been defined within the EU (except for lenses, glasses or an automatic vehicle).

Compulsory medical examination

In several cases, a complementary medical examination is required in order to obtain a Certificate of Fitness. These cases are listed below.

  • You have a category C and/or D driving licence.
    In that case, you need to have a medical examination every time you renew your driving licence. The examination needs to be carried out by an occupational health physician (Dutch ARBO). If you do not want a medical examination, you can temporarily waive your rights to the C and/or D categories. This means you do not have the rights to these categories temporarily. For this purpose, you can use the waiver certificate for driving licence categories, which can be downloaded here. Document3 E 0398b Waiver certificate Dutch driving licence categories (pdf, 120kb)  In case of renewal of your driving licence, only lighter categories are included in your driving licence. If you want to make use of heavier categories again, you need to have an examination after all. After that, you need to apply for a new driving licence, so the heavier categories can be included.
  • You are 75 years old or over.
    In order to be able to renew your driving licence, you need to have an examination. This examination can be done by a general practitioner.
  • You are 70 years old or over.
    If your driving licence expires on or after the day you turn 75, you need to have an examination. This examination can be done by a general practitioner. If you are aged between 65 and 70, you are issued a driving licence that is valid until you turn 75. If you are over 70 years old, your driving licence is valid for 5 years maximum.
  • You have a medical restriction. More information about medical restrictions can be found on the CBR website (CBR is the Dutch Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre). In that case, you are issued a driving licence with a limited validity period. In case of renewal of your driving licence, you need to have an examination by a general practitioner.

How to get a Certificate of Fitness

In order to get a Certificate of Fitness, you need to complete a Statement of Health. A Statement of Health can be purchased at My CBR, at several CBR theory test centres (payment by bank card only) and at several municipalities. Please check beforehand if your municipality is among those. You can go to (in Dutch only) to find an overview of test centres that sell the Statement of Health. Then, send the Statement of Health to CBR. Subsequently, CBR assesses whether you are medically fit or you need additional examination. If you are medically fit, a Certificate of Fitness is registered in the driving licence register by CBR. This is confirmed by a letter from CBR.

Processing time

You are advised to start your examination well ahead of the expiration of your driving licence. Sometimes you are referred to a medical specialist. In that case, please take into account a waiting period. CBR aims to process all Certificate of Fitness applications as soon as possible, within 4 months maximum.