Your registration in the Central Driving Licence Register

You can request three different documents from the RDW stating that you are registered in the Central Driving Licence Register (Centraal Rijbewijzenregister).

The certificate of authenticity

You can use a certificate of authenticity if, for example, you have moved to another EU/EFTA country and lost your driving licence. The certificate is in English.

The certificate of authenticity in the case of repeated infringement

You can request this certificate if your driving licence has been confiscated, for example due to driving under the influence of alcohol. In order to regain possession of a driving license, you must apply for a certificate of authenticity in the case of repeated infringement. More information about the repeated infringement scheme can be found at

Immediate access to your driving licence data

Via Mijn RDW (login as an individual (particulier)) you can obtain immediate access to various driving licence data and easily download that data. To do that, you will need a DigiD app or DigiD with SMS verification.

You will find the following data:

  • Your driving licence number
  • Start and expiry date of your driving licence
  • Validity of your driving licence
  • Categories of your current driving licence
  • Categories that you have obtained in the past
  • ‘2 to drive’ data (if you participate)

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