Applying for a certificate of authenticity

Do you need a statement to prove that you have a Dutch driving licence? For example, if you have moved to another European country and have lost your driving licence. Then you can apply online for a certificate of authenticity from us. A certificate of authenticity is an original and certified document, in English, which states whether and how you are registered with a driving licence in the driving licence register.

    1. Use the button to go to the online application form "applying for a certificate of authenticity'.
    2. Fill in the details and attach a copy of your valid ID.
    3. Pay the costs. You can also pay through direct debit. You can find more information under "Costs".
    4. We will assess your application. Application approved? We send you the certificate within 10 working days by post.
    5. We send the certificate to the address where you are registered with the municipality. Do you live abroad and are you no longer registered in the Netherlands? Then we can send the certificate of authenticity to another address (abroad). Enter this address at 'correspondence address' on the application form.
  • The certificate of authenticity contains details of your last driving licence such as your personal details, the driving licence number, the date of issue, the categories you currently have and the categories you may have had in the past. The certificate of authenticity also states whether your driving licence is valid, whether the driving licence has been reported as lost/stolen and whether there are any endorsements on your driving licence.



  • Pay by direct debit or transfer the amount to account number IBAN NL 25 ABNA 0477 2566 00 in the name of the RDW. With your payment, you state:

    • your family name
    • your date of birth.

    Do you pay from abroad? Then use the BIC code ABNANL2A and the International Banking Code NL 25 ABNA 0477 2566 00.


    Certificate of authenticity €4,65

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