Applying for a drone pilot licenceĀ 

If you want to fly a drone or other unmanned aircraft, such as remote-controlled planes and helicopters, you may need a pilot licence. Here you can read how you can apply for that pilot licence if you do not live in the Netherlands.
  • Conditions for applying for a pilot licence

    • A pilot licence is required if the (toy) drone or unmanned aircraft you are flying with is 250 grams or heavier.
    • You can only apply for the pilot licence if you have taken an online knowledge test. You can take this exam at an accredited Dutch flight school.

    Also owner (operator) of drone

    In addition to being a pilot, are you also the owner of a drone? Then you need a pilot licence and an operator number.

    • Do you live within the EU? Then contact the authority in the country where you live for the operator number.
    • Do you live outside the EU? Then contact us by e-mail ( [email protected] ) for your registration as an operator. 
      This only applies if you want to fly primarily in the Netherlands. If you will primarily fly in another country, please contact that country.

  • You can apply with us for a pilot licence for the subcategory A1/A3 and the subcategory A2. You can find more information about subcategories on the website of the Dutch government.

    1. You take an online A1/A3 knowledge test at an accredited Dutch flight school. Do you also want to apply for a pilot licence for the subcategory A2? Then you take an additional A2 test at an accredited Dutch flight school.
    2. After successfully completing the knowledge test or the additional test, the accredited Dutch flight school will send your result to us.
    3. After payment to the flight school, you will receive the pilot certificate from us by e-mail. This may take a few days.
    • You must be able to show the licence when you are flying a drone (printed or on your mobile phone).
    • Young people under the age of 16 with a pilot licence may only fly a drone when accompanied by someone older than 16 with a pilot licence.
    • See what rules there are for flying a drone and whether your drone must be insured. Whether you need to insure the drone depends on where and what type of drone you are flying. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance for physical or material damage to third parties due to accidents with drones. Check whether your liability insurance covers damage caused by drones. For private users with a drone from 20 kilograms, insurance is mandatory based on EU regulations.
      For more information about obligations and insurance, visit the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) website.(in Dutch)
  • The pilot licence is valid for 5 years from the date you passed the online theory test. After 5 years, you take another test and apply for a new pilot licence.

  • You pay the costs for a pilot licence for people who are not registered in the Netherlands to the flight school. Ask there how much it costs.

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