Importing a vehicle from a non-EU or non-EFTA country

What you can do

If you have purchased a vehicle in a country outside the  EU  or EFTA  or the UK and you want to drive it in the Netherlands, you must first apply for a Dutch registration number. To do so, you must have the vehicle approved by the RDW.Inspections at the Lelystad test centre

Most of these vehicles are not built in accordance with a Dutch or European type approval. The special equipment required for the inspection is only available at the RDW test centre in Lelystad. These tests therefore have to be performed there, and they are expensive. For more information about importing such a vehicle, go to Individual approvals. If you want more information about the costs, please contact the RDW Customer Service.  

Inspections at other RDW locations

In the situations listed below, you can have your vehicle inspected at RDW inspection stations located throughout the country:

  • If you are importing the vehicle as removal goods.
  • If the vehicle has already had a Dutch registration number in the past.
  • If the date on which the vehicle first appeared on the road is before 1 January 1998 or, in the case of mopeds, motorised bicycles, motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles, before 1 January 2006.
  • If the vehicle has a European type approval. You can ask the manufacturer or importer of the make of vehicle.

For more information about these situations, go to Importing a vehicle from an EU or EFTA country.

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