Special individual approvals

You are importing a vehicle that was not built in accordance with a Dutch or European type approval and that was not previously registered in a member state of European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EFTA)  and that is not designated as a removable article imported on transfer of residence. In that case you can take it to RDW for an individual type approval. The individual type approval is intended for vehicles that are not built in accordance with a Dutch or European type approval. During this inspection RDW will seek to find out whether the vehicle complies with the admission requirements. These requirements are stricter than the APK-requirements. The inspection only applies to passenger vehicles, motorcycles and vans of up to 12,000 kg (N2 hydraulic brakes). If the car satisfies the requirements immediately, and there are no supplementary tests or reinspections necessary, the inspection will cost you around a thousand Euros, depending on the type of vehicle.

What does the individual type approval involve

  • RDW inspects the vehicle in accordance with the individual admission requirements. Naturally, destructive tests, like crash tests, are not carried out. A vehicle manufactured at a factory and in series can usually satisfy these individual admission requirements
  • The admission inspection takes about half a day. The vehicle is inspected in accordance with the admission and the periodic inspection requirements. For example, seat belts, sharp parts, safety shields and protection of the passengers, strength and fastenings of the seats and, for newer vehicles, the presence of the required head rests. In addition the inspection checks, for instance, whether the construction of the steering column is such that, during a frontal collision, the rearward movement of the steering wheel is restricted
  • The requirements concerning air pollution depend on the import circumstances. If it concerns a private, non-commercial import, the vehicle will be checked in accordance with the periodic test requirements. If it concerns a commercial import, then it must be demonstrated that the vehicle satisfies European emission requirements. It is always a commercial import if the vehicle becomes part of company stock after individual approval. Vehicles that originally received an American registration usually satisfy the American EPA requirements, which are comparable to the European emission requirements
  • As far as radio interference is concerned (electro-magnetic compatibility), European Directives apply. Original mass-manufactured vehicles will usually comply. An EMC-test certificate might be requested if the vehicle’s design or components occasion.
  • Driving and braking tests are carried out, and the noise emission is measured

You can find more information on special individual approvals and an application form on the website of Special Individual Approvals. Currently this information is only available in Dutch.

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