You can get third party insurance at an insurance company. This has to be an insurance company that can make registrations in the RDW insurance register, however. Usually, this means it involves a Dutch insurance company.

Periodic vehicle inspection (APK)

Company cars, passenger cars, or trailers/caravans weighing over 3,500 kg that are liable to periodic vehicle inspection, need to have approved periodic inspection. Be aware when purchasing a used vehicle. As a registered owner, you are responsible for this from the day the license number is registered to your name.

Motor vehicle tax

If you have a license number registered to your name, you are also filing for motor vehicle tax. The tax authorities automatically send you a motor vehicle tax bill. This applies to passenger cars, vans, trucks, and motorcycles. More information about motor vehicle tax can be found on the website of the tax authorities. this link opens in a new windowMore information about motor vehicle tax can be found on the website of the tax authorities

Fine after data check

RDW checks the insurance register and the vehicle inspection register. This way, RDW can find out directly whether a vehicle has insurance and approved vehicle inspection (if applicable).
If your vehicle does not have insurance, you get a fine from the Dutch Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) in Leeuwarden. You also get a fine from CJIB if your vehicle is subject to periodic inspection and it does not have approved inspection.
The tax authorities check whether you need to pay motor vehicle tax for your vehicle via the license number register. If you do not do that, or fail to do so in time, you get a fine from the tax authorities.

Stop vehicle conditions

You can stop conditions applying to owning a vehicle for a certain period by suspending your vehicle, as it is called. Please contact RDW for more information.