Report code required when taking out insurance

If you have had a vehicle registered in your name, you must immediately insure the vehicle (aside from the other obligations associated with owning a vehicle), even if you are not (yet) driving it.

You may incur a large fine if you have not taken out third-party liability insurance for the vehicle. The amount of the fine can be found in  the fine database of the Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie, OM). The insurance company will ask you for what is referred to as the report code. This code consists of the last four digits of the chassis number.

The report code can be found on the registration report that you received when you purchased the vehicle. It is also on the registration card.

Discontinuation of vehicle obligations

If you are not yet driving the vehicle, you can temporarily discontinue the obligations associated with owning a vehicle by suspending the registration of the vehicle. For more information, go to Vehicle temporarily not in use: suspending its registration online.

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