Loss of the PTI inspection report

If you have lost your (Dutch) PTI inspection report, you can request a copy of the PTI inspection report from the RDW or your garage for a fee. In the Netherlands, you no longer need to carry the inspection report with you. In other countries, it may still be required.
  • You can request a copy of the inspection report.
    • Go to: an RDW inspection station or RDW service desk or to the garage where the vehicle was inspected.
    • You must bring either the original paper Vehicle Registration Certificate (Part IA) or the vehicle registration certificate in credit card format (vehicle registration card).
    • You will immediately receive the copy of the PTI inspection report.
  • Omschrijving Kosten
    Vervangend keuringsrapport €16,00
    If you request a copy of the PTI report from the vehicle company, this company will determine the price.
  • Did you find out 2 months or less before the PTI expiry date that you have lost the inspection report? In this case, you will not need to request a new inspection report, but you can immediately have the vehicle inspected. The original expiry date, increased by 1 or 2 years will remain in force. If you have your vehicle inspected more than 2 months before the expiry date, the date of approval plus 1 or 2 years will be the new expiry date.