Having an APK roadworthiness test during the suspension period

If your registration is suspended, you may not use the vehicle on public roads. As an exception to this rule, you may drive your vehicle with suspended registration to the inspection company in order to have an APK roadworthiness test (Algemene periodieke Keuring – Dutch equivalent of the MOT). The reason behind this exception is that your vehicle must have a valid APK from the moment the suspension of registration expires or is terminated by you.

Conditions for driving a vehicle that has had its registration suspende

If you drive your vehicle to the inspection company, the following conditions apply:

  • The vehicle is covered by third-party liability insurance (Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheid, WA).
  • On the day of the inspection, you take the most direct route to the inspection company and back (to the address where your vehicle is parked).
  • You have an appointment confirmation stating the time of the inspection with you. You must be able to present this if you are stopped by the police.
  • You contact the vehicle tax helpline (BelastingTelefoonAuto), where you can provide the details of the inspection (date and name of the company) in advance. This is to avoid a tax adjustment notice.
  • The appointment time must correspond to the time at which you use your vehicle on public roads.

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