Requesting a suspension of registration for collectors of old vehicles via RDW desk

If you are a collector of old vehicles and they are registered in your name, you are responsible for the obligations attached to the vehicles (third-party liability insurance, motor vehicle tax and, if applicable, APK roadworthiness testing). If you do not use the vehicles, but store them in a barn, for example, you can defer (suspend) these obligations. There is an advantageous suspension scheme for collectors.

You can do so via a help desk, but it is also easy to do online. For more information about suspending registration online go to Suspending registration online for collectors of old vehicles.

A suspension of registration takes effect immediately and lasts for 1, 2 or 3 years. It is not possible to specify a date in the future. At the end of your chosen suspension period, the suspension of the registration ends automatically and you must immediately comply with the obligations attached to the vehicle again. You can also extend the suspension.

Advantageous suspension scheme for collectors

If you have more than five old vehicles of 15 years of age or older registered in your name, the RDW offers you an advantageous suspension scheme. This scheme applies only to vehicles of 15 years of age or older and to scooters and mopeds with a date of first authorisation of 31 August 2005 or earlier on the registration certificate. You only have to pay for the suspension of registration of five of those vehicles. From the sixth vehicle onwards, the suspension is free of charge, even if it is for a relatively long period.

If you are participating in the scheme for the first time, you must suspend at least five vehicles at the same time. After that, you can suspend registration for one vehicle at a time, but also several at the same time.

Has a paid suspension come to an end? If so, you must pay for the next suspension if you no longer have five paid suspensions after that suspension has come to an end.

Suspending the registration of several vehicles at the same time via a help desk

To suspend the registration of several vehicles at the same time:

  1. Go to a registration help deskRDW inspection station or RDW customer service point. When you go for the first time, state that you want to suspend the registration of five or more vehicles.
  2. Take the following documents with you:


3. Pay the fee, if there is one. If you are currently suspending the registration of five vehicles under the collectors’ scheme, the sixth and all subsequent suspensions are free of charge.

4. The registrations are suspended with immediate effect.

5. The employee will provide you with a suspension of registration report for each vehicle. Keep this safe, as it serves as your proof of suspension.

Paper registration certificate

The paper registration certificate remains valid. You will not receive a new registration certificate.

Registration certificate in credit card format

If you have a registration certificate in credit card format (registration card), you will receive the suspension of registration report stating the end date of the suspension together with the first four digits of the registration code. You will receive the second part (consisting of five digits) of the registration code by post at the address at which you are registered with the municipality. You must destroy the old registration code.

Vehicle owned by a leasing or finance company

You will not receive a registration code if your vehicle is owned by a leasing or finance company. In such cases, the RDW will always send the registration code to the leasing or finance company.

Conditions for suspending registration

  • The vehicles must be registered in your name.
  • Vehicles must be 15 years of age or older, except for scooters and mopeds. In order for this to be the case, the date of first authorisation on the registration certificate must be 31 August 2005 or earlier. Later dates are excluded from the scheme.

Having the suspension of registration arranged by someone else

If you are unable to go to the vehicle registration help desk or RDW customer service point yourself, someone else can also arrange the suspensions of registration for you. Make sure that you give the person the correct documents to take along. If you have a paper registration certificate, these will be the registration number allocation document and the transfer certificate. If you have a registration card, you must provide it together with the corresponding registration code. The person who goes to the registration help desk must be at least 18 years old (16 in the case of scooters/mopeds). They must show their own proof of identity; yours is not needed. The person can then act as described in this article. After registration has been suspended, he or she must hand the documents obtained over to you.


  • If you no longer comply with the obligations attached to the vehicle (insurance, APK roadworthiness testing and motor vehicle tax) and you have not suspended the registration of your vehicle, you will receive a fine. The amount of the fine can be found in  the finedatabase of the Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie, OM).
  • If you end the suspension of registration within 1 month of its start date, you will still have to pay motor vehicle tax for the period in which the registration was suspended. In such cases, the tax administration will send you a tax adjustment notice. Find out more about this on  the tax administration’s website.
  • After the suspension of registration, you can stop the insurance yourself. The RDW informs the tax administration that the registration has been suspended. The motor vehicle tax then stops automatically.
  • You do not have to inform the RDW of where you park the vehicles, but the tax administration may ask you about this.


You have to pay the fees for the first five vehicles. From the sixth vehicle onwards, the suspension of registration is free of charge.

Reguest or extend a suspension of registration at the RDW's low rate €24,95
Reguest or extend a suspension of registration at the RDW's low rate for 2 years €48,20
Reguest or extend a suspension of registration at the RDW's low rate for 3 years €72,30
NB: You will not get any money back if you terminate the suspension early.

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