Vehicle registration card

Introduction of new two-part vehicle registration certificate in the Netherlands

As from 1 January 2014, vehicle registration certificates in the Netherlands are issued in credit card format. This card has a different layout, different data and different security features, in conformity with harmonized European legislation. Vehicle registration certificates in credit card format, or vehicle registration cards, also have a contact chip. Vehicle registration certificates continue to consist of two parts. Alongside part I (the vehicle registration card), a new 'deel II' (part II) vehicle registration certificate has also been introduced. This part II vehicle registration certificate is required in order to register abroad.

Owners/holders are not obliged to exchange their paper vehicle registration certificates. Some vehicles have paper vehicle registration certificates, others have a vehicle registration card.

Security Features

The vehicle registration certificate in credit card format is in conformity with European Directive 1999/37/EC. It contains all the information required by the European Directive. The vehicle registration certificate in credit card format contains information on both the vehicle and the owner/holder. The vehicle registration card has several security features. For more information, go to 'Echtheidskenmerken' (security features).


The validity of vehicle registration cards can be checked according to the vehicle licence number and the document number. Please go to ' Documentnummercontroleren' (Check document number).

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