All the details on the registration card

The registration card complies with all the applicable European legislation. Not only does it contain all the details prescribed by the European directive, it also has room for details that the Netherlands wants to appear on the registration certificate.

*If there is a dash in a field on your registration card, it means that the RDW does not know what the data for that field is.

Code Attribute Mandatory/optional** Position
A Registration number Mandatory Front
B Date of first authorisation Mandatory Front
C1.1 Name of holder Mandatory Front
C1.2 Initial(s) Mandatory Front
C1.3 Address of the holder Mandatory Front
C.4.c Type of ownership Mandatory Front
D1 Mske Mandatory Back
D2 Type, variant and version Mandatory Back
D3 Commercial description Mandatory Back
E VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Mandatory Back
F1 Maximum technically permissible mass (not for motorcycles) Mandatory Back
F2 Permissible maximum mass of the vehicle Optional Back
G Mass in running order Mandatory Back
I Date of registration number allocation Mandatory Front
J Vehicle category Optional Back
K Type-approval number Mandatory Back
0.1 Maximum mass of trailer (braked) Optional Back
0.2 Maximum mass of trailer (unbraked) Optional Back
P.1 Cylinder capacity Mandatory Back
P.2 Power Mandatory Back
P.3 Fuel Mandatory Back
R Colour Optional Back
S.1 Seats Mandatory Back
Report code* Front
Date of first registration in the Netherlands* Front

Explanatory notes to the above table

Code: code that appears on the registration certificate in credit card format, as prescribed in the European directive. Status of mandatory/optional: the European directive prescribes whether an attribute must be mentioned on the registration certificate or whether the Member States can choose whether it is to be mentioned.

* The Netherlands has chosen to add two attributes to those prescribed by the European directive: the report code and the date of first registration in the Netherlands.