Mass in running order indication

The registration card specifies a different weight indication from that on the paper registration certificate. The registration card refers to the ‘mass in running order’ as opposed to ‘unladen weight’. This is the vehicle’s mass unladen, including coolant, lubricants, fuel (filled to 90 % capacity), spare wheel (if fitted by the manufacturer), any equipment and the driver.

No influence on motor vehicle tax

The ‘mass in running order’ indication has no influence whatsoever on, for example, the amount of motor vehicle tax you have to pay for the vehicle. It is calculated on the basis of the unladen (empty) weight of a vehicle.

Does the ‘Mass in running order’ section on your registration card specify a weight? If so, subtract 100 kg from it to determine the weight class. You can also check the unladen weight of a vehicle (e.g. your car or your caravan) using the RDW registration number check. To do this, enter the registration number concerned. You can use that weight to find out what the motor vehicle tax will be on the tax administration’s website.