Registration code

The registration card has a unique code, the registration code, which consists of 9 digits. You will receive the first part of the code during the transfer. The second part will be with the registration card sent to you by the RDW.

You combine the two parts of the code yourself. You will need the code if you want to sell, trade in, scrap or export your vehicle, or suspend its registration. It is therefore important to keep it in a safe place.

First registration

If your vehicle is being registered for the first time, you will receive the complete registration code in a separate envelope. We will send you this one day after the registration certificate.

Leased vehicles

You will not receive a registration code if your vehicle is owned by a leasing or finance company. In such cases, an ‘issuance restriction’ (verstrekkingsvoorbehoud) is placed on the registration number in the vehicle licence register. This indicates that the registration code is always sent to the leasing or finance company.