Changing the colour of your vehicle

If you want to change the colour of your passenger car or mobile home, you must inform the RDW of the new colour, as the colour of these types of vehicles is mentioned on the registration certificate. This is not necessary for other types of vehicles, because for those vehicles the colour is not mentioned on the registration certificate. Even if you change the colour of the mobile home only temporarily (car wrapping), you must inform the RDW. In such cases, the RDW amends the colour on the registration certificate free of charge. By law, the details on the vehicle registration certificate must correspond to those of your vehicle.

Informing the RDW of the change of colour

To change the colour on the registration certificate:

  1. Fill in the ‘Request colour change’ form in full. N.B. since 1 July 2014, the RDW has been able to register a limited number of colours on the basis of European legislation. The police, customs and other authorities are familiar with this legislation, so you will not run into any problems when your vehicle is checked. When selecting the new colour, you must select the one that is closest to that of your vehicle. If your vehicle is pink, for example, enter red or purple as the new colour on the form. If the vehicle is a very light pink, choose white as the colour. You can provide an explanation in the ‘Comments’ field, if you feel that this is necessary.
  2. Enclose a clear colour photograph showing the vehicle’s registration number with the form. The photograph must show that the vehicle belongs to the registration number.
  3. Click ‘Send’.
  4. If everything is approved, the RDW will send you a registration card containing the correct details by post within 5 working days. The following situation may arise here:
  • you have a paper registration certificate: in this case you will not receive a paper registration certificate but a registration certificate in credit card format (registration card). In addition, you will receive a letter with the registration code. The RDW sends this code 1 working day later than the registration certificate. You need it when you sell the vehicle, for example. It consists of 9 digits. It is important that the registration code is kept safe and separate from the registration certificate.
  • you already have a registration card: you will not receive a new registration code. Your existing code remains valid.

5. Destroy the old registration certificate as soon as you receive the new one.  

The colour on the registration certificate is amended free of charge.


You will not receive a registration code if your vehicle is owned by a leasing or finance company. In such cases, an ‘issuance restriction’ (verstrekkingsvoorbehoud) is placed on the registration number in the vehicle licence register. This indicates that the registration code is always sent to the leasing or finance company.

Vehicle with different colours

If you have had your vehicle sprayed in a number of different colours and you can discern one or two main colours, inform the RDW of these main colours. If you are unable to clearly specify what the new main colour is, the RDW will use the photograph to determine which main colour will appear on the registration card.

Written request

If you are unable to request the change of colour online, send a letter to the following address requesting that the colour in the registration details be changed: RDW, unit VRD Postbus 30 000 9640 RA Veendam. Specify the registration number and the new colour of your vehicle in the letter and sign it.

Send a clear colour photograph of the vehicle with the letter, making sure that the vehicle’s registration number is visible. The photograph must show that the vehicle belongs to the registration number. The request is then processed in the same way as the online method explained above. It will simply take longer to process, because it is sent by post.