When registering your vehicle, you receive a registration code. You need this registration code when you sell (transfer), scrap, export, or demolish your vehicle. If you have lost the code (or a part of it), you can apply for a (new) replacement registration code online. Your will then receive a new 9-digit registration code. This renders the old registration code invalid.

Applying for a replacement registration code

This is how to apply for a replacement registration code:

  1. Go to deze link opent in een nieuw venster'Vervangende tenaamstellingscode aanvragen’.deze link opent in een nieuw venster  
  2. Choose the second option: Apply for a registration code only.
  3. Fill in the license number and the vehicle identification number (VIN).
  4. Please pay the costs using iDEAL.
    Vervangende tenaamstellingscode € 1,00
  5. You will receive an e-mail from RDW confirming the details of the application.
  6. RDW will send you the new registration code by post within 4 working days. The license number remains the same.

    Please note! RDW always sends the registration code to the address registered in the municipal records for the person under whose name the vehicle is registered. If the vehicle belongs to a lease company or financing company, this company will always receive the registration code. If this is the case, it is this company that must apply for the replacement vehicle registration code.

Lease vehicle

Do you have a lease vehicle? The lease company or financing company must apply for a replacement registration code. This can be done online via Tenaamstellingscode aanvragen voor leasemaatschappijen (this information is only available in Dutch)

No registration code with the paper vehicle registration certificate

Do you have a paper vehicle registration certificate? In this case you do not need to apply for a registration code. Registration codes were never sent with the paper vehicle registration certificates.

Lost vehicle registration certificate and registration code

Have you lost your vehicle registration certificate (paper certificate or registration card) or a part of it? In this case you must apply for a replacement vehicle registration certificate. You will receive a new registration code at the same time. Please go to 'Apply for a new vehicle registration certificate' for more information.

Processing of your application

  • Monday to Friday > application made before 20.00 hours > sent by post after 2 working days.
  • Monday to Thursday > application made after 20.00 hours > sent by post after 3 working days
  • Application made on Friday after 20.00 hours or during the weekend > sent by post the following Wednesday

The exact moment of delivery of the registration code depends on the postal services. If you have not received you registration code within 5 working days after the application, please report this to the RDW.

No money back

It often happens that people find the lost registration code shortly after applying for a new one. Have you applied for a new registration code and found your old registration code again? It is not possible to stop the application and apply for your money back.