Type approval of vehicles and components

When a vehicle is first registered in an EU Member State (also in the Netherlands, therefore), that vehicle must have a European type-approval. The RDW issues these type-approvals.
If you have a vehicle without a type-approval or with just a partial type-approval, you can have it tested and type-approved by the RDW so that it can be licensed for use on the roads. You can also ask the RDW to issue a type-approval for vehicle parts (components or technical units) so that you can then supply/sell them to the motor industry.

First type-approval, then sale

The type-approval for a vehicle is the binding element between the certification, registration and sale of products. A vehicle or vehicle part that is presented for type-approval must have been produced by a certified manufacturer whose production process has been approved by the RDW. The RDW issues certificates for this purpose to the manufacturers of vehicles or components.
If you would like to place an order by the RDW, you can request the orderform her.

Legislation is the starting point

European guidelines (EC guidelines and ECE regulations) and national guidelines have been drawn up for the issue of certificates
and type-approvals. When you want to bring a vehicle or component onto the market, these guidelines stipulate the conditions that must be satisfied by your production process, by your product and by you as a manufacturer. The manufacturer is the person or legal entity that is responsible for all aspects of the type-approval process and for upholding the conformity of the production process. Where relevant, the RDW performs the necessary tests to establish this.
In some guidelines, special requirements are defined − for example, for the conformity of vehicles in use, re-use, multi-phase construction approval, and hazardous goods. EU Guidelines, EU Regulations and ECE Regulations are regularly amended. This can mean that new types of vehicles must comply with the new requirements, but also that type-approvals may lose their validity. You should therefore take careful note of the commencement dates of the guidelines and regulations.

Certification manufacturer

If you are a manufacturer of vehicles or components for the motor industry, you must have been issued EC, ECE or national type-approvals to register and sell products in the EU and/or in countries that have signed an ECE agreement. The RDW also issues these type-approvals on the basis of the appropriate test results. The RDW also performs checks in order to assess whether the manufacturers of vehicles or vehicle components continue to comply with the approval requirements after certification. We have instated a contribution fee for type approvals.

The RDW’s role

Based on your need for a type-approval for components and technical units or for systems and vehicles, we guide you through the entire type-approval process. Tests can be performed in our Test Centre Lelystad, under the supervision of our Testing department or can be conducted by technical departments accredited by us. We work closely together with a wide range of technical departments all over the world.
Because the RDW also takes part in the development of national and international legislation under the auspices of the Dutch government, we keep close track of technical developments. We can also exercise an influence on legislation and regulations and their interpretation.


The price of a test is made up by the following components:
  • The execution of the test and making up the test report is based on the technical hourly rate.
  • Administrative costs based on the administrative rate.
  • A surcharge for use of the facilities, if applicable based on the hourly rate.
  • Admission costs.

The rates are published in the price list of TTV of RDW.
During your conversation you can ask for an indication of the costs.​

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