Certificate of Conformity

New vehicles are registered in the Netherlands on the basis of a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). In the past, this was done on the basis of a type approval.

The paper version of the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) will continue to exist. However, RDW has already introduced accelerated registration based on the digital CoC. This method is fast, efficient and reliable.

The advantage of the digital CoC for the manufacturer is that the CoC only needs to be supplied once for the vehicle in question. The vehicle then just needs to be registered on the basis of the digital CoC in 1 of the affiliated Member States. This means that the manufacturer no longer needs to deliver the CoC to different countries.

Standard for digital CoC

The digital CoC is based on the ‘EReg IVI message’. EReg is the Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities. EReg has agreed on a standard for compiling the digital CoC. A number of European countries are already using the digital CoC based on the EReg standard, while others are busy preparing or implementing the digital CoC.

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