Delivery of digital CoCs by the manufacturer or importer

In this article you can read how you as a manufacturer can deliver digital Certificates of Conformity (CoCs) to RDW.

Initiating the delivery of digital CoCs

If you as a manufacturer want to deliver digital CoCs, you should contact RDW at [email protected]

RDW will then provide you with information about: 

  • the correct composition of the digital CoC
  • setting up a secure link 
  • signing the digital CoC correctly with your digital signature.

You can then use a test certificate to test the link with the RDW and check the content of the message. Once the digital CoC has been delivered, RDW checks whether it indeed belongs to a European type approval. RDW also checks that the CoC data is correct. If everything is correct, you will be issued with a certificate that you can use to deliver digital CoCs to RDW.

Message for delivery

The digital CoC is also called the Initial Vehicle Information (IVI) message. The message consists of a list of attributes that the importer must supply in a specific sequence. The IVI message was designed for use throughout the European Union. The format is compatible with the future European model so that all EU Member States will ultimately use this message.

You can find the relevant documents in the ‘COC Data exchange’ folder on the EReg website

  • the up-to-date IVI message
  • IVI BB (Message Book) 
  • XSD file of the Initial Vehicle Information (IVI)


XSD is an XML Schema Definition Language. It is used to compile an IVI message. XSD formally describes the structure of the XML messages. XSD is also used to validate the XML messages.

Digital signature

To show that the data on the digital CoC has not been changed during transport and storage and has originated from the correct party, RDW requires a digital signature.

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