Registering a new and unused vehicle in the register of vehicles

The accelerated registration of a new and unused vehicle on the basis of the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is possible in 2 ways:

based on a digital CoC, or based on a paper CoC.

1. Registration based on the digital CoC

The delivery of the digital CoC is the first step when registering a new vehicle in the register of vehicles. This is your responsibility as a manufacturer. You can also authorise another party to deliver the digital CoC for you, such as your Dutch importer. The digital CoC is based on the EReg IVI message.

On the basis of a digital CoC, an authorised agent of RDW with Accelerated Registration (VI) authorisation can apply to register a vehicle using a ‘registration application message’. Besides the vehicle identification number (VIN), the authorised agent must also supply a limited number of other vehicle data items. This data is not included in the digital CoC but it is nonetheless necessary for registration in the Netherlands.
More information about delivering digital CoCs.

2. Registration on the basis of the paper CoC

If no digital CoC is available, the vehicle can still be registered in the register of vehicles using the paper CoC. To do this, RDW’s authorised agent with Accelerated Registration (VI) authorisation must manually transfer all the data on the paper CoC to the WEBVKR web application (through a provider or directly through RDW).

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