Type approval for components

If you want to bring one component or a series of components for vehicles on the market, you must make sure they have been approved by the RDW. The vehicle manufacturer will ask you for this approval, because these requirements are also imposed on the vehicle manufacturer. Below, you can read more about the requirements that the component and, in the case of type-approval, your production process must satisfy and how you can apply for these approvals. You can apply to the RDW for this type-approval and we can guide you through the approval process.

Individual approval or type-approval

You can apply for an individual approval for one specimen of a component − for example a bumper. This one specimen must then comply with the specified requirements. The approval therefore applies just to this one specimen. For a series of the same product, you must apply for a type-approval. To do this, not just the component but also the production process must comply with the guidelines – that is, you must be able to guarantee that every specimen in the series meets the same requirements.

Product assessment

If you are a manufacturer of vehicle components and you would like to apply for a type approval, RDW can guide you through the process of testing and certifying the vehicles or vehicle components. On the page Orderforms you can submit your application for a type approval and the corresponding tests, apply vehicles for an End of Series statement or make a request for a consultation.

Requirements for components

To obtain a (type-)approval, your component must comply with the EC guidelines and ECE regulations.

For systems, individual technical units or components, EC approvals are mandatory in all Member States of the European Union. These approvals are indicated with a small ‘e’. The approvals are issued on the basis of EC guidelines. ECE approvals are issued for systems, individual technical units or components (for this no WVTA is possible). You must have obtained this approval for all countries that have (voluntarily) signed every agreement. In the legislation, this is indicated with a large ‘E’. This is based on the globally accepted ECE regulations. In some guidelines, special requirements are stipulated − for example, the conformity of vehicles in use, re-use, multi-phase construction approval and hazardous goods.

Requirements for manufacturers

Before you can apply for a type-approval for your component, you must show that the products are made in accordance with the type approved products. See Conformity of Production (CoP) for manufacturers of vehicles or components. You can also commission an RDW-designated technical service to conduct tests.

Withdrawn type-approvals

In the list of withdrawn type-approvals (pdf, 6mb) you can see whether a type-approval has been withdrawn by searching the specific type-approval number.


The price of a test is made up by the following components:

  • The execution of the test and making up the test report is based on the technical hourly rate.
  • Administrative costs based on the administrative rate.
  • A surcharge for use of the facilities, if applicable based on the hourly rate.
  • Admission costs and Contribution fee.

The rates are published in the Price list of VRT of RDW. During your conversation you can ask for an indication of the costs.Here you can find the General terms and provisions of tests and approvals

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