Type-approval construction modification (GWC)

If you modify the construction of a vehicle carrying a Dutch license number, RDW needs to check whether the vehicle still meets the requirements after the modification has been made. Chapter 6 of the Dutch Ministerial Decree: Regeling voertuigen describes the construction modifications that need to be checked or approved. It involves inspection of requirements relating to the modification made.

Check requirements

A check of the requirements is made based on individual inspection, unless you own a EGWC (Certification of approvel for structural modifications) document. In that case, the vehicle modification has already been inspected by RDW.

 involves a check by RDW whether the modified vehicle meets relevant requirements. You make an appointment and take the vehicle to a RDW inspection station. Based on a GWC recognition, as a recognized modification company, you manufacture a modification certificate for every vehicle that has been modified according to the specifications of the GWC issued. Based on this, RDW can adjust the vehicle documents and vehicle register. You do not need to take your vehicle to an inspection station.

Send modification certificate

You file your modification certificate with the RDW Vehicle Registration and Documentation (VRD) department in Veendam. Based on this, RDW sends a license number certificate in a credit card format (also called license number card) carrying the right data by regular post. RDW has been issuing this license number certificate since 1 January 2014. Besides, the registered owner/holder receives a letter including a full registration code the first time a license number card is issued. This code is needed to sell the vehicle, for instance. It has 9 digits. It is important to keep the registration code safe and separate from the license number card.

The address of the VRD department can be found in the GWC recognition information document. You can apply for a copy of the GWC recognition information document by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

More information about the Construction Modification Approval Recognition can be found in the Vehicle Modification Decree.

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