Certification of approval for structural modifications (EGWC)

If you are converting a series of vehicles with a Dutch registration certificate, you must apply for an EGWC certificate.

Applying for the certificate

To be eligible for a certificate, your company must comply with the specified certification requirements. The RDW will assess your application on the basis of your production process and your organisational structure. You must therefore include a company description with your application. You can apply for the 'Form Information documents Manufactures' by sending an e-mail to [email protected].     

When the organisational structure and the production process of the conversion company comply with the specified requirements, the RDW will issue a Certificate of Conformity.

Assessing the application

The Product Assessment (PB) department will assess the information form and, by means of consultation, run a series of tests of the modified construction that is needed for approval. A report will be drawn up of the test. If the test results meet the requirements, the RDW will issue a Certification of Approval for Structural Modifications. The specified requirements, including the tests, are described in Chapter 6 of the Dutch Ministerial Decree Regeling voertuigen. The Certification of Approval for Structural Modifications is issued for a type of structural modification. The approval also lists the subjects that must be modified on the registration certificate or in the register. The approval process also includes the ‘drawing of the general plan’ authenticated by the RDW and an example of the ‘conversion certification’.

Using the certification

If your conversion company has been authorised as an EGWC certification holder, you can apply to the RDW’s Product Assessment (PB) department for specific EGWC approvals for the modified vehicles. When doing this, you must specify the vehicle modifications on the information form. When you are converting a vehicle into a taxi or public transport vehicle, the information form must also include the information appendix for EGWC applications for taxi and public transport vehicles. You must also send a conversion certification. To apply for the information form, please send an email to contact the RDW’s Assessment & Surveillance department. The information form is the same as the form in Appendix I of the Framework Directive 2007/46/EC.

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