Type-approval for vehicles

If you have built an entire vehicle in a large series, it is important that you apply for a European type-approval for that vehicle.

The European type-approval certificate enables you to register and sell your vehicles in the EU and/or ECE countries. You can apply to the RDW for this type-approval and we can you guide you through the approval process.

Product assessment

If you are a manufacturer of vehicles or vehicle components and you would like to apply for a type approval, RDW can guide you through the process of testing and certifying the vehicles or vehicle components. On this page you can submit your application for a type approval and the corresponding tests, apply vehicles for an End of Series statement or make a request for a consultation

Requirements for vehicles

To obtain a type-approval, your vehicle must comply with the EC guidelines. The regulations for the various vehicle categories are stipulated in the Framework Directives. These Directives specify which guidelines or ECE regulations are mandatory and also contain a description of the type-approval process.

In some guidelines, special requirements are stipulated − for example, the conformity of vehicles in use, re-use, multi-phase construction approval and hazardous goods.

Requirements for manufacturers

Before you can apply for a type-approval for your vehicle, you must show that the products are made in accordance with the type approved products. See Conformity of Production (CoP) for manufacturers of vehicles or components for more information. You can also commission an RDW designated technical service to conduct tests. If you are constructing a vehicle jointly and are using other manufacturers to build a part of the vehicle, you may only do so when the vehicle and the vehicle components come under Directive 2007/46/EC and Agreement 1958 of the ECE.  

Validity of the European type-approval certificate

When stricter regulations come into effect, the certificate may become invalid. In that case, you must apply to the RDW for a supplement to your certificate. You must also do this when you make technical modifications. See the expiry dates for type-approvals.

Withdrawn type-approvals

In the list of withdrawn type-approvals (pdf, 6mb) you can see whether a type-approval has been withdrawn by searching the specific type-approval number.

Vehicles without a registration certificate for which the type-approval expires

Stricter regulations may mean that your existing European type-approval becomes invalid. In that case, you can no longer apply for a registration certificate. One exception to this involves registration as residual stock.


The price of a test is made up by the following components:

  • The execution of the test and making up the test report is based on the technical hourly rate.
  • Administrative costs based on the administrative rate.
  • A surcharge for use of the facilities, if applicable based on the hourly rate.
  • Admission costs and Contribution fee.

The rates are published in the Price list of VRT of RDW. During your conversation you can ask for an indication of the costs.

General terms and provisions of tests and approvals 

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