Expired type approval

If you have vehicles for which the type-approvals have been withdrawn, you can only still register these if they have been reported as residual stocks by the manufacturer or its authorised representative. The manufacturer reports this to a registered institution such as the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW). More information on the conditions and reporting is presented below. After reporting, an accountant or the RDW must check the stocks.  

Terms and conditions for admission

Vehicles qualified as residual stocks can still be permitted on the roads within a fixed period. These terms and the accompanying conditions are referred to in paragraph 11, Chapter 3 of the  Dutch Ministerial Decree Regelingvoertuigen. The terms vary per vehicle type. If you have any questions regarding this or regarding the conditions that must be met for vehicles in residual stocks, please send an email to  [email protected].

Change in the requirements

Type-approvals are withdrawn if the regulations for these change and more stringent requirements are imposed for vehicles or admission of vehicles. The withdrawal dates for type-approvals are shown in the documents below.

Reporting of residual stocks

The report takes place on the basis of Appendix VII of the Dutch Ministerial Decree Regeling voertuigen. The vehicles must be reported within two weeks of the more stringent requirements entering into force, stating:

  • the vehicle category;
  • the type-approval number;
  • the make, where applicable;
  • the model, where applicable;
  • the vehicle identification number (VIN);
  • the location or locations where the vehicles are kept in stock;
  • address details and telephone number of vehicle location(s);
  • the technical or economic reasons why the vehicles cannot comply with the new technical regulations.

State these data in the residual stock application. You can submit the application using the application form for residual stock. The form is in English. For smooth handling, the RDW recommends that you also provide this list in the form of an Excel sheet.

The statement of the residual stock must be checked by an independent auditor or an employee of the Product Assessment department of the RDW.

Statement of the residual stock based on an independent audit

The complete residual stock application based on the auditor’s report can be requested via the  application form for residual stock. The form is in English.

You must send the following documents with the application:

  • If the applicant for the residual stock is not the manufacturer: a copy of the authorisation of the manufacturer to report the residual stock;
  • The list for the residual stock statement;
  • A declaration concerning the accuracy of the residual stock statement. This declaration must be issued by a chartered accountant or an Accountant-Administrative Consultant, as referred to in Article 36(3) of the Accountants-Administrative Consultants Act, or by an equivalent foreign accountant, and must be drawn up in Dutch.

Statement of the residual stock based on an audit by the RDW

For the audit of the residual stock, you submit an application via the application form for residual stock. You should also send the complete residual stock application to the email address of the Product Assessment department.

UK Type Approvals

As a consequence of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU), British e11 type approvals will cease to be valid. Manufacturers have registered some e11 type approvals for their systems, technical units, components or whole vehicles with a different Type Approval Authority (TAA) in the European Union. The new type approval certificate issued by the TAA from the relevant member state of the EU27 is valid. Furthermore, e11 type approvals of systems, technical units and components within a non-e11 type approval for whole vehicles (Whole Vehicle Type Approval, WVTA) have also ceased to be valid. As such, the entire EU27 WVTA ceases to be valid. These type approvals must also be registered with another TAA in the European Union. For UNECE type approvals (recognisable by the E11 mark), nothing has changed. The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) is now coordinating the conversion of e11 the approvals in the UK for the various TAAs. From 1 January 2021, the VCA no longer has the authority to issue type approvals for vehicles and vehicle components for the European Union.

Costs of statement and audit of residual stock

Description Fees
Statement   €316
Correction of statement     €252
Hourly rate of technical inspector    €132
Hourly travel rate €66
Call-out charges, Region A (within a radius of 225 km from Zoetermeer)   €110
Call-out charges, Region B (beyond a radius of 225 km from Zoetermeer) €303

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