Expired type approvals 2018

This table shows the directives and regulations, of which the component type approval will expire on the date mentioned in the column “Expiry of Type Approval”. If this component type approval is included in the Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA), this type approval will also expire.
Base Directive or regulation Amended by Subject Vehicle category Expiry of Type approval Explanation
92/61 and 2002/24 All Mopeds L1e, L2e en L6e 01-01-2018 Subject to approval by the European Commission, there is no possibility for End of Series vehicles of category L1e, Euro 2 and 3.
74/150 and 2003/37 All Agricultural and Forestry Tractors T 01-01-2018
78/2009   All Protection of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users M1, N 24-02-2018 M1 ≤ 2.500 kg and N1 ≤ 2,500 kg derived from an M1 in relation to Section 3 of Annex I.
 715/2007  …/…W …/…ZA …/…ZD …/…ZG …/…ZJ …/…AA …/…BA  Emissions (Euro 5 and 6) from light passenger and commercial vehicles and on access to vehicle repair and maintenance information M, N1 class I 31-08-2018 
  458/2011 and R117  All Rolling Resistance Requirements  M, N, O 01-11-2018The installation of tyres of class C1 or C2 must comply to the requirements of Annex II, part B, table 2 of Regulation (EU) No. 661/2009. These requirements are equal to the requirements R117, point 6.3.2, phase 2.
 347/2012 All Emergency braking system M2, M3, N2, N3 01-11-2018 Emergency braking system must comply with approval level 2: see appendix 2 to Annex II of this regulation.