Safety requirements for electric vehicles

Since 1 April 2011, the 1994 Road Traffic Act has also included requirements for issuing National small-series type-approvals and individual type-approvals for electrically driven and hybrid electric vehicles. Vehicles must now comply with specific safety requirements when they are built as or converted into electrically driven or hybrid electric vehicles.

These requirements specifically relate to the electric power train. The year of construction of the vehicle is not relevant. Moreover, these safety requirements only apply to vehicles that must be approved individually (also after modification) or vehicles for which applicants are applying for a national small-series type-approval.

Safety requirements

Broadly speaking, the vehicle must comply with the following safety requirements:

  • Uniform regulations for the approval of electric vehicles (VN/ECE regulation no. R100.01)
  • Tests and requirements related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC, UN/ECE Regulation R10 or for L category 97/24/EC)
  • Tests and requirements related to vehicle handling (policy guideline vehicle handling)
  • Requirements for the cables and facilities for switching off high voltage and positioning the battery pack (Appendix IV, annex 4, Dutch Ministerial Decree Regeling voertuigen).

These requirements have a relatively high safety level. This makes it less easy to convert a vehicle (or have it converted) to an electric power train. The same applies to manufacturing a new vehicle with an electric power train. The conversion is also more expensive due to the extra test costs of the mandatory EMC requirement.

The other vehicle requirements should also be taken into account insofar as those requirements apply to the modifications that were made − for example, brakes, steering equipment and masses. The modifications that must be inspected are specified in the Dutch Ministerial Decree Regeling voertuigen H6. This in turn refers to the “inspection method”, which describes the specific requirements for the above subjects for each vehicle category.

For whom

The safety requirements apply to all parties at all times. That is, to vehicle manufacturers as well as to conversion companies and private individuals. The requirements also apply regardless of whether applicants are applying for a national small-series approval or are presenting a single converted vehicle for an individual inspection.

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