Conducting tests

The tests can be conducted at the RDW Testing department (or at a location or test laboratory belonging to a third party). This can also be an accredited Technical Department. These departments are accredited to conduct tests for EC and ECE approvals. The type-approvals issued by the RDW are described on the Legislation page. The RDW Testing department can conduct inspections the Testcentre or it can supervise tests on location at your premises or in test laboratories belonging to third parties. At the Testcentre, tests can be conducted for a wide range of EC and ECE approvals for systems and vehicles.


If you are an designated technical service and you would like to get test results and certificates approved, you can submit your application here. If you only wish to apply for new approval numbers in order to submit certificates in the future, please deze link opent in een nieuw venstermake a request for these numbers through 'Reserve approval numbers'.