Base Directive or regulation Amended by Subject Vehicle category Expiry of Type approval Explanation
92/61 and 2002/24 All Mopeds L1e, L2e en L6e 01-01-2018 Subject to approval by the European Commission, there is no possibility for End of Series vehicles of category L1e, Euro 2 and 3.
74/150 and 2003/37 All Agricultural and Forestry Tractors T 01-01-2018
78/2009   All Protection of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users M1, N 24-02-2018 M1 ≤ 2.500 kg and N1 ≤ 2,500 kg derived from an M1 in relation to Section 3 of Annex I.
 715/2007  …/…W …/…ZA …/…ZD …/…ZG …/…ZJ …/…AA …/…BA  Emissions (Euro 5 and 6) from light passenger and commercial vehicles and on access to vehicle repair and maintenance information M, N1 class I 31-08-2018 
  458/2011 and R117  All Rolling Resistance Requirements  M, N, O 01-11-2018The installation of tyres of class C1 or C2 must comply to the requirements of Annex II, part B, table 2 of Regulation (EU) No. 661/2009. These requirements are equal to the requirements R117, point 6.3.2, phase 2.
 347/2012 All Emergency braking system M2, M3, N2, N3 01-11-2018 Emergency braking system must comply with approval level 2: see appendix 2 to Annex II of this regulation.