Delivery times

RDW aims to achieve the delivery times listed below for issuing short-term permits. The delivery times depend on the complexity of the application and the autonomous decision space RDW has been given. As a result, RDW is not able to guarantee these delivery times

Handling time for registration of non-Dutch vehicles

From 1 March 2015, non-Dutch vehicles must be registered at RDW before one can apply for a short-term permit. Registration of a vehicle takes three weeks on average. Once registered, the permit for a non-Dutch vehicle can be issued faster.

Delivery times if permission from the road authority is required

If the dimensions of the transport fall within the autonomous decison space RDW has been given by a road authority, RDW can grant permission without having to consult the road authority. If the dimensions fall outside of the autonomous decision, RDW must ask permission from the road authority to allow your transport. In that case, the road authority can set additional requirements. An application will then take more time.

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