Non-Dutch vehicle registration for exceptional transport permit

From 1 March 2015, non-Dutch vehicles need to have been registered with RDW before an application for an exceptional transport permit can be made. Non-Dutch vehicles can be registered as from 7 July 2014. Vehicles are registered once only. After registration, vehicle details can be used for any future permit application. In that case, you only need to include a vehicle identification number (VIN) in your future application. Future permits can be issued faster as vehicle details are already recorded by RDW.

Registration of vehicles with a single VIN

From 7 July 2014, single VIN vehicles can be registered via the RDW registration form. These vehicles are registered based on a VIN number instead of a vehicle license number. The form can be requested via deze link opent in een nieuw venster [email protected]

Modular vehicle registration

Modular vehicles are not registered separately based on a vehicle identification number. Modular vehicles consist of several parts that each hold their own VIN. From 1 March 2015, you need a SERT document for your modular vehicle before an exceptional transport permit can be issued by RDW. A SERT document is a technical document for towed equipment. It contains all technical details and composition options of a vehicle. You can apply for a SERT document with the vehicle manufacturer.

Weight permits up to 100,000 kg

If a non-Dutch vehicle has been registered with RDW and if it meets certain requirements, a weight permit up to 100,000 kg is also issued. The following vehicle combinations with a maximum combined mass of 100,000 kg are eligible for a permit:

  • Drawbar trailers with a minimum of 4 axles;
  • Semi-trailers with a maximum permissible weight of 42,000 kg as a minimum and a minimum of three normal axles or two pendle axles;
  • Pendle axles can amount to a maximum of 12,000 kg involving an annual permit up to 100,000 kg.

The towing and towed vehicles must meet the following requirements in order to make use of a permit for a combination with a maximum weight of 100,000 kg:

  • The towing vehicle must be able to drive a combination of more than 50,000 kg. This can only be demonstrated in an annual permit by means of a certificate that has been issued for the towing vehicle by RDW. In case of traffic control, the certificate must be shown;
  • The minimum engine power of the towing vehicle must be 2.94 kW/tonne;
  • Pressure on the powered axles must be 1/5, as a minimum, of the combination up to a maximum of 10 tonnes per axle.

In case of a permit up to 100,000 kg, the shaft load of the normal axles of the towed vehicle can be raised from 9,000 kg to a maximum of 10,000 kg. In that case, you need to demonstrate that the vehicle is appropriate at 80 km/hour using a SERT document. In case of use, you need to carry the SERT document with you and demonstrate it upon request.

You can request a SERT document from the vehicle manufacturer.

Full requirements can be found in the appendix of the annual permit under vehicle configuration A and D special requirements.